Pavement How-To Tips for 2018

The asphalt paving industry has come a long way in the past few years. While there are still some issues, most asphalt paving companies in Yakima are in an incredible position when compared to three or four years ago. But the key to the construction industry is to never stand still. Companies know they must continue to grow and evolve if they are going to remain on top.

We attended a recent National Pavement Expo in Cleveland, where a number of experts spoke about some of the issues that are being faced by asphalt paving companies around the United States. Whether you are running a driveway paving company in Yakima, or your business is based in the mid-west, you will face some similar issues. These are some “how to” tips we learned from the conference.

Crew Efficiency

A big issue for all construction companies is their crew. While some asphalt pavers have fantastic crews, they know that inefficiency can start to become an issue. People work all day but they do not get enough done. Some workers take too many sick days. Projects get delayed.

One method to resolve this issue was proposed by Guy Gruenberg from Grow Consulting. He has worked closely with asphalt paving companies for years. He believes that using the “Crew Activity Plan” can help a lot. The basic idea behind this plan is that you create an entire two-week schedule to tackle a specific project. You must arrange your workers’ schedules according and ensure that you are meeting your daily goals to remain on the two-week target.

Gaining Regional and National Contracts

The biggest hurdle that many asphalt paving and construction companies face is making the step up from mid-ranged to larger contracts. It is one thing to get a significant contract within the city. But it is another ballpark to get a regional or national contract.

Company owners believe the biggest challenge is to showcase to the other side that you are capable of scaling your workforce. If they have doubts on your ability to handle the workload, you will not get the contract. If you are capable of overcoming these hurdles, you will be in very good shape. It is all about doing the work that you are right now, but doing it on a larger scale.

Promoting your Brand

Asphalt paving companies tend to think of marketing and promotion in a very old fashioned way. It makes sense. We are a very old fashioned industry in some ways. We rely on hard work and the physical end product that our customers can see. It is why you will see so few companies going online to promote their brand. But it has become necessary.

One or two of the speakers at the convention were talking about how paving companies must go ahead and create an online brand. Not only does it help to modernize the company in the way of the average consumer, but it will help you get those bigger commercial contracts.

Being on social media and having a quality website is very beneficial. You can put up the previous work you have done for everyone to see. You can engage with people on social media. Your website can indicate your speciality. It is the type of information that every contractor should work hard to put out there.