About Us

When we first began searching for information about asphalt paving and other construction topics online, we were shocked by the lack of resources. Sure, we found websites that contained statistical details about the industry’s growth. But there was very little specialized information about what it is like to work in such an industry.

We decided to do something about it. Instead of looking to others, we decided to create our own construction magazine. While the bulk of our magazine focuses on asphalt companies in Yakima, we over every relevant topic from the construction sector. If there is breaking news, a new trend emerging or a major story about the industry, we want our readers to learn about it through our magazine.

It is very difficult to create a specialized magazine if you do not have experience in the industry in question. That is why we knew that it was up to us to create the type of magazine that we wanted for the asphalt industry. We wanted other asphalt paving companies in Yakima to read our magazine. We wanted asphalt workers to have a place where they can get information and read stories about their chosen field.

We also believe that our magazine is the ultimate resources for those who are enthusiastic about the industry. We have many different sections in each of our issues. We focus on breaking news and other trending topics. We also cover “how to” guides explaining the latest methods or techniques. We even have interviews with the major players from driveway paving companies in the United States.

Our readers play a huge role in the success of our magazine. We are always eager to hear feedback from new and seasoned readers. If you were impressed by a story, or you wish we covered a specific topic, feel free to write to us through our website.